Terms and Conditions


A register for each class is maintained by the teacher and records student attendance for the purposes of health and safety and security.

If a class is cancelled due to the sickness of the teacher, a health epidemic or any other seen or unforeseen event, the Academy will endeavour to reschedule the class. This may be on a different day or a different time or both from when the class was originally scheduled, and might involve an extension to the term time dates.

The school timetable may be revised at any time.


Physical contact may be necessary by members of the teaching faculty. If you have any concerns regarding this matter please discuss this matter with the Teacher.

A certain amount of risk is involved by taking part in any physical activity. Students taking part in any classes or events run by The Academy do so at their own risk.

Data Protection

The Academy holds information about our customers to enable us to carry out our business as a membership, dance education and training organisation. This information includes the contact details you supply to us and may also include information on examinations, courses and student records.

The Academy will not disclose your information to third parties outside the Academy Group except where the law allows or requires, or where you have given your permission to do so. We may from time to time contact you individually about other carefully selected Academy services which we think will be of interest to you.

Photographs and videos of students may be taken and used for promotion and on social media. If you do not give permission for your child’s photo to be taken please inform The Academy to make us aware of this issue.

Class Conduct

Parents are not permitted to watch classes except in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the class teacher. Such circumstances should be discussed with the class teacher prior to the class.

Students are expected to demonstrate respectful behaviour towards their teacher and fellow students.

Students are not permitted to bring food into the dance studio or chew gum whilst in class. A named bottle of water is allowed.

Students are responsible for their own property and bring items at their own risk.

Students are not permitted to use mobile phones during a class. Any mobile phones brought into the class must be switched off.

Students are not permitted to leave the studio during a class without permission from the class teacher.

Students are expected to wear correct uniform for all classes.

Classes are timetabled at a nominal 1, 1 ½ and 2 hour duration. This includes a short period of time at the start and end of each class for registration and class changeover management.

Some classes run back to back on the timetable without a break. Students should be dressed ready to start their class before entering the studio and leave promptly at the end.

Parents and Students are asked to wait quietly outside the studio until they are invited in by the class teacher.


Pupils are expected to behave in an orderly, civilised and well-mannered way and to show respect to their teachers, assistants and other students when attending The Academy. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations may result in withdrawal. Bullying is not tolerated at The Academy.

Code of Conduct

In order for your child to get the most of this experience and to create, foster, and protect the training environment, pupils and parents must adhere to the following Code of Conduct:

  • I am here by choice.
  • I will follow class rules at all times while in class, performances, or competitions.
  • I will arrive on time with enough time to change shoes before class.
  • I will abide by the class and travel dress codes and pull my hair up securely before entering the studio.
  • I will not bring food, drinks, gum, mobile phone, or homework into the dance studio
  • I will use the bathroom before or after class.
  • I will ask permission to leave the dance studio for any reason.
  • I am responsible for learning and practicing class material.
  • I will contact the teacher if I plan to miss class.
  • I am responsible to make up any missed material.
  • I will help clean up after each class. I will store valuables and personal effects neatly and not scattered about the facilities.
  • I will respect teachers, assistants, and parent volunteers (including my own parent).
  • I will be respectful when corrected by the teacher.
  • I will respect the rights of fellow students. I will not disturb others by talking or other distracting behaviour. I will not make negative or derogatory comments concerning The Academy, Academy dance students, students from other dance schools, teachers, or adjudicators. I will discreetly communicate concerns about the behaviour of others to my teacher.
  • I will represent The Academy in a dignified manner, maintaining high standards for decency and courtesy in my public and private communications, including the internet.
  • I will support and abide by these rules of conduct at all times. Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct will result in the consequences outlined below. These actions are listed in no particular order. They should not be misconstrued as “steps” of discipline and will be administered at the sole discretion of the teacher:
    • Discussion with student and/or parent;
    • Written statement to be returned with student and parent signature;
    • Temporary removal of dancer from class with parent notification;
    • Temporary suspension of dancer from class;
    • Termination of membership

Please note that by enrolling your child in The Academy you are agreeing to, and bound by, our terms and conditions as laid out in this document.

The Academy reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

Following government guidelines in regards to Covid-19 our studio classes are suspended until further notice.

We are currently teaching classes online.
If you would like more information please contact Miss Sinéad on
086 337 1187

We look forward to seeing you all soon.